May 16, 2011

a bit more paint and stuff

so i had some time to do a bit of painting today. i managed to get about halfway through the Howling Griffon librarian and done some painting on something new; a wasp zoanthrope.

i had some problems with the blue on the librarian. apart from not being happy with the highlighting (quite messy), i also thought the blue was a bit too dark; especially with the yellow/red from the Howling Griffon scheme on the shoulder and shield. so i decided to leave the armour alone for now and concentrate on some other parts - the tabard (not that clear in these pics) and small details. ill most likely re-base most of the blue (some parts, like the arms and torso im pleased with; as theyre smaller surfaces than the greaves, the proportionately larger number of highlights make them look paler). ah well, i am a bit out of practice. better pics as i continue work on the librarian.

Tyranid wasp zoanthrope
i always loved the 2nd edition zoanthropes with warrior-like bodies and big flat heads and have never been too keen on this iteration of the beast (both the 3rd edition and 4th/5th edition floaty versions). its not so much i dont like the idea, its more i dont like the execution so much. i love the idea that theyre modified warriors, as essentially, standard 40k creatures seem to be based on gaunts and warriors, which i think is great.

using that philosophy i decided to make my zoanthropes more warrior-like.

ive always loved the carnifex crushing claws and thought they were just an interesting shape, and just thought theyre one of those parts that has potential for something other than a claw... which i found out they do; as fat insect-like tails (well, abdomens technically). after some messing around with GS and some warrior and hormagaunt parts and a 3rd edition dark eldar jetbike prow that was heavily converted with GS (regular viewers will recognise the head from tyrannic war veteran im working on), i had something that i was actually really pleased with, so i made three of them...

and forgot about them for a year :p

until today!

the painting is really simple - just a hawk turquoise drybrush, with some skull white added for consecutive layers. no proper painting at all on the blue. the armour was just chaos black and painted in lines, highlighted up in about 5 layers mixed with more skull white until the final layer. the armour was finished off with a gloss varnish.

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