Jan 29, 2017

more grey models!

Here's some new conversions, a bit more ambitious than the first ones, now I've found my groove again. 

Ad-mech thing
The first is a weird ad-mech floating thing made with the top half of Belisarius Cawl. I still need to add a lot of Gs piping hanging down from him, and more gubbinz and bitz.
I love that freaky mutant dude, from the stormfiend kit and I've been wanting to use it for ages!
The body is from Belisarius Cawl, the arms are from the Talos (great kit!).
I still need to add more techy parts (Though the silhouette wont be as busy as cawl is - an excuse to keep some parts for conversions :) ) and lots of GS pipes made with this - http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/roll-maker/69-roll-maker-tube-wire-machine.html

Psyker and special ops dude

The second is a psyker (possibly to go in a mutant gang), and I'm really happy with how this model turned out (though he is quite large). He is made from wrack legs, electro priest body (once the electoo is shaved off these bodies are great, though shame the arms aren't readily interchangeable with the bodies) and arms and genestealer hybrid head.

The third is a special-ops dude to go with my cloaked bounty hunter. Still needs some GS to fill in the gaps, though I'm please with his pose. He's made from a baneblade crew head (i think?), space marine scout body, scion legs and gun, and skitarii arms.


And finally, a rite of passage for anyone dabbling in Inquisimunda - the obligatory lord of plagues - i need to add Belisarius's hood and need to do a lot of GS work, though I'm happy with him. I'll certainly be getting a couple more of him for conversions in other gangs. The feet are black reach ork nob legs and the gun is a space marine scout heavy bolter

All these new models mean I'm going to end up with loads of different models and gangs, So far I;m thinking of:
  • Rogue Trader party: The first 4 painted models I posted. I;ve since added another warrior crewman, the xenos venator and I'm converting a simple navigator. I also made a pilot model though I wasn;t too pleased with the result so I might scrap him. 
  • =][= Warband: I just finished the =][= himself, and have a few other models made though want to add a death cultist and assassin and a priestly guy also. the lord of plagues conversion might end up in this party though I don't want it to be too gun heavy. He might go in the pilgrimage below if the cowl/hood end up looking very cawdor. 
  • Pilgrimage: either a Cawdor or Redeptionist gang (I'm leqaning towards the former). The models for this are all done and 4 of them are painted. I just started work on another 3.
  • Mutant gang: weird mutants, possibly with some techno-grafts, so not exactly scavvy mutants. Looking forward to going crazy on these guys.
  • Ad-mech party: I have a few models in mind for this, though it's in the back-burner as I work on things that I'm more sure of for the time-being.
  • One offs and mini gangs: things like the bounty hunter and special ops guy, one-offs and 3-man mini parties that can be very specific without needing to worry about replicating a look and feel across too many models.

Jan 26, 2017

Here's my Inquisitor, pretty much finished (still lots of polishing left to do though I'm waiting to get more models done for that)

Inquisitor Ialdabaoth Rex, puritanical Amalthian of the Ordo Hereticus

The original idea was for dark armour and copper trim with verdigris though I was a bit nervous about trying out Nihilakh Oxide for the first time so did a few tests on spare models beforehand, though was a bit apprehensive of trying it on the proper model so I started slowly, adding multiple thin layers. Once I was done I had a look at the model and realised dark green armour wasn't going to work and i thought of using a slightly brighter colour scheme - white! I hate painting white, though thought I'd give it a go, and I'm quite happy with the results, giving my painting. 

Overall I'm pleased with the result - both the colour and the conversion. It's been a while since I've converted something with so many parts. He's an imposing figure - bordering on fat, if I do say so! (that bloodbound chest is huge and really a strange shape), though he isn't too far out, especially in terms of equipment (just a powersword and weird pistol and some grenades).

The main parts are the Khorne bloodbound body, custodian guard legs, grey knight head and old empire arms. The cloak is a mix of GS and milliput.

Now onto the rest of his retinue!

Jan 21, 2017

More Grey models

I've been busy converting away before it's time to start painting another batch of models (probably form the =][= warband) and my groups are starting to take form.

=][= Ialdabaoth

I've finally been able to put together my =][= model, after waiting for some parts to arrive. I happened to have  a Khorne Bloodbound torso and Tartaros terminator shoulder pads lying around and I pushed them together and liked the look, so went ahead dry-fitting other parts until I came up with everything above the waist, and then ordered some custodian legs to finish him off.

He's since had some more parts added and had some work done to the cloak and is based and ready for painting now. Looking forward to painting this guy now - with brass and verdigris, and another contrasting/complimentary colours, though not quite sure what yet. (maybe dark green,browns and/or white stained with verdigris).

 Bounty Hunter

One of the earliest conversions I started working on, it tool me simply ages to get the Chaos Warrior back, Black Templar torso and Khorne Bloodbound legs to all fit together. Lots of shaving, drilling, sanding, dry-fitting and repeating until they all fit together. I was really happy with the result and then covered everything up with the powerfist and bolter! I hope he doesn't look too space-mariney as I was initially against using marine weapons to make him look more different.

I plan on painting him mostly black, with some accents and spot colours (things like heraldry and equipment etc.), and will be adding 2 special-ops type characters as underlings, to make a bounty hunter mini-gang, so-to-speak.

Xenos Venator
A half-converted model from years ago that I picked from bitzbox hell for a new lease of life. A kroot body and converted ungor head make up the main body with a few loincloths and a shoulder pad added. Of course the feature is an ancient chaos autocannon from Rogue Trader that I still need to convert to fit in a bit more. I'm still not 100% sold on the model, though, and it might need a different weapon.


A quick model I converted whilst waiting for some GS to dry on other model's I'm actually really pleased with the result. I've  been wanting to use the noose and arms attached to the stocks for a while and I think the results are nice. 

Servo Skull/worm
I received a GS roller the other day and was looking forward to trying it out (it's a great way to use up extra GS left over at the end of a modelling session. I rolled up a large piece and curled it up and got the idea to attach a skull to it and ended up with. I imagine it being some weird familar to a magos or some other ad mech model I come up with  


Jan 15, 2017

Pilgrim gang

I've got another 4 models done, this time for a pilgrimage. These models will work for a Cawdor or Redemptionist gang, I suppose, if I ever get round to playing :) So far I have these 4 guys painted up, though there's another 5 lines up and undercoated, ready for paint. The only robed models in the gang are the ones I've painted so far - the rest have IG fatigues and trousers and are meant to be militant repentant types.

There's some simple conversions here, which I'm pleased with. Most of the parts are flagellants (Lovely kit, though some parts seem slightly out-of-scale with each other, like the arms, which just seem a ta too long to me).

The painting is still a bit iffy to me (I'm not as happy with the robes as id like to be, for instance. Once of the wash layers pooled and left horrible marks, which i tried to overlay with the bone colour, making it worse!), especially by the great standards of some members of the group, but I am enjoying painting again after such a long break - 4+ years. I'm pleased with the overall tone and palette, though I want to work on differentiating the tones from warband to warband. The use of the same reds, browns, and whites across this and my rogue trader band, for instance, is bugging me.

Methuselah Hydor

My pilgrim leader, made from parts from the two chaos cultist leaders. The arms are from the trenchcoat model (really nice model. I'd like to get a couple more of that to try convert) I had left over from my inquisitor conversion. I'm not that sure about the sword though, which looks a bit too beaten up to me. Maybe a chainsword would look better?

Jacobus Rex, proclomator

Probably my favourite model from this lot - this model was created about 5 years go though was ignored. I just removed the old right arm and replaced it with a genestealer neophyte hybrid arm holding an autogun. Et viola! I still need to add writing to the scroll, though I'm saving it for when i have more models.


My favourite overall model from the new batch, and I'm really pleased with the face too. The conversion itself is made from a flagellant body and the arms/weapon from a chaos cultist.

Lasgun Joe

So much for using matt washes... they seem to be glossy in the pictures. Perhaps they need a matt varnish to tone them down a bit for pictures.

Jan 13, 2017

fresh recruits!

So I've busy at work converting random models, and I've been coming up with vague ideas for gangs/retinues/warbands I could feasibly collect them with.

So here are the new recruits:

=][= 2nd-in-command

I've seen many conversions based on the cultist leader, which I've loved (usually removing the bare torso and replacing it with Cadian armour - in my case a free company chest). This is my take on that. I love this flagellant head. It;s quite dignified, despite the dishevelled beard. I added skitarii arms.

He is to be the 2nd-in-command to an =][= that I am yet to complete (I'm awaiting some parts to arrive to finish him off. But he's going to be an impressive figure...

Pilgrim leader

The left-over arms from the cultist leader were used on this model, which looks fanatical-enough to be a pilgrim leader or redemptionist. I've since filled in the gaps in the shoulders.


This is a pretty old model (hence the discolouring in the plastic in some parts) and he fits in with the pilgrims. I removed the old arm and added a genestealer cultist autogun arm. This guy means business!

Ogryn gun/combat servitor

I've been slowly tinkering with this model since I started converting models for the warband. It's based around a skaven stormfiend, with various parts (ogre head and arm, ork nob buzzsaw, IG voxcaster backpack speaker, landspeeder assault cannons). Though there's a while yet before I can call this guy finished. I;m really looking forward to painting this guy, whose going to be part of the =][= warband.

these models leave me with a:
- Pilgrims: necromunda-sized pilgrim warband (9 models, with a heavy flamer, shotguns, autoguns and a few odd models... more on those in a future post)
- =][= retinue: so far i have the 2nd-in-command, ogryn, and a conscript. I'll post more on these as the band comes together.
- Rogue Trader exploration party: 5 models including rogue trader, 1 hired gun, 2 navy marines and a lieutenant. I still need to add a navigator and a xenos.
 - NPCs: random models with no set-allegiances. They might, depending on future models, make their way into future gangs, though nothing for sure.

I also want to create some form of ad-mech party, though need  lots more parts for that.  

Jan 6, 2017


So the start of my Rogue Trader party is 'done.' I'm sure there's loads of bits left that I can touch up, but that can wait for until i have more models ready.
I'm still getting the hang of painting again after a 4-year hiatus. Must practice more! The lighting is also pretty bad, though it's enough to show off the parts used well-enough for anyone interested.

the Rogue Trader's party so far. No rogue trader party is complete without a xenos crew member - possibly a squat engineer or eldar assassin or something more exotic. I also plan on adding a few ratings and crewmen. also need a navigator.

Rogue Trader Stern Eltairn, Son of Gatha II

He inherited his family's ancestral charter and now explores the eastern reaches of the Galaxy for xenos technology. His charter is attached to his side (text still to be added!)

First Mate Malichar

A Childhood friend and Schola Progenium drop-out, he is now-wingman and partner-in-crime to Stern

Marine Untun

One off two marines aboard Sterns crew. They follow him across the galaxy with the promise of riches and adventure ringing in their ears.

(other marine to be created later!)

Ben Ephraim, gunslinger

He is owed a debt by Stern, and follows him in his adventures, lending his not inconsiderable skills with pistols to the group.

Jan 1, 2017

more warriors for the warbands

I've been busy converting some more models, with 13 'finished' so far (I'm always finding new things to add to models), and I've started painting some of them too, though I don't have pics of the painting process yet - I haven't done much as the paints I've been storing have mostly dried over 3-4 years of non-use (despite storing them upside down in a cool dark room, so need to restock.

Here are pics of each model with a bit of info on each:

the Rogue Trader
I added some shoulder pads to him and a walking stick and he's now ready for paint. Equipped with a masterwork pistol, power maul (the walking stick) and armour. This model has the most indivissual parts of any I've made so far in this project.

the First Mate

A companion/side-kick to the rogue trader, sporting similar clothing. equipped with a bolt pistol and carapace armour. The eldar head adds a freshness and a young look that won't be seen elsewhere in these models, making him unique.

the Gunslinger

One of the main warriors in the rogue trader's retinue, this hip-shooting, fast-drawing gunslinger is equipped with an autopistol and bolt pistol, and sundry equipment. It took me ages to get the arms positioned the way I wanted them though I'm really pleased with the way this guy turned out.

the Veteran

the first model I made in this project, with what few parts I had available, this guy is equipped with a chainsword and an autopistol.

These four models comprise the Rogue Trader expedition, though I intend on adding more models to this soon. Here they are together:

the fanatic

a flamer-toting fanatic forming part of a pilgrim faction.

the Worshipper

made from a ghoul, this guy is a relatively weak member of the pilgrims group.

the Guards


two of the guards in the pilgrim's group, one armed with a shotgun, the other an archaic lasgun.

the Muscle


two members of the pilgrimage, though it's difficult to know their true purpose. Both are armed with a huge club and a pistol.

These make up the 2nd warband, composed of pilgrims. None of the character models have been created yet.

What follows are the one-offs (at least for now)

the Brat

this is my interpretation of one of the old Confrontation gangs, known as brats (precursors to spyrers I guess). I'm not sure I pulled off the brat look that well, other than the crazy hair. I''m thinking of ordering some harlequins to use as the basis for such a gang, mohawks and crazy colours and all. we'll see. I have enough ideas in my head as it is!

the Adept

possibly part of an ad-mech party or a member of an inquisitorial retinue, I'm not sure at this point. He could easily be an NPC or hired gun.

the Mutant/Xenos

I love the way this model tuurned out - that round thing between his hands could be anything from a ball of energy (psyker!) to a levitating piece of archeotech or xenotech, not sure yet.

So that's what I have so far.

I'm already working on a huge ogryn (based on a skaven stormfiend, though there's little there to show yet. I'm also waiting for LOADS of bitz and kits to arrive so I can get started on some more models.

I'm dying to make an inquisitor (or at least an inquisitorial retinue member) in huge power armour, based on a space marine centurion, that will take up loads of converting.