Jan 1, 2017

more warriors for the warbands

I've been busy converting some more models, with 13 'finished' so far (I'm always finding new things to add to models), and I've started painting some of them too, though I don't have pics of the painting process yet - I haven't done much as the paints I've been storing have mostly dried over 3-4 years of non-use (despite storing them upside down in a cool dark room, so need to restock.

Here are pics of each model with a bit of info on each:

the Rogue Trader
I added some shoulder pads to him and a walking stick and he's now ready for paint. Equipped with a masterwork pistol, power maul (the walking stick) and armour. This model has the most indivissual parts of any I've made so far in this project.

the First Mate

A companion/side-kick to the rogue trader, sporting similar clothing. equipped with a bolt pistol and carapace armour. The eldar head adds a freshness and a young look that won't be seen elsewhere in these models, making him unique.

the Gunslinger

One of the main warriors in the rogue trader's retinue, this hip-shooting, fast-drawing gunslinger is equipped with an autopistol and bolt pistol, and sundry equipment. It took me ages to get the arms positioned the way I wanted them though I'm really pleased with the way this guy turned out.

the Veteran

the first model I made in this project, with what few parts I had available, this guy is equipped with a chainsword and an autopistol.

These four models comprise the Rogue Trader expedition, though I intend on adding more models to this soon. Here they are together:

the fanatic

a flamer-toting fanatic forming part of a pilgrim faction.

the Worshipper

made from a ghoul, this guy is a relatively weak member of the pilgrims group.

the Guards


two of the guards in the pilgrim's group, one armed with a shotgun, the other an archaic lasgun.

the Muscle


two members of the pilgrimage, though it's difficult to know their true purpose. Both are armed with a huge club and a pistol.

These make up the 2nd warband, composed of pilgrims. None of the character models have been created yet.

What follows are the one-offs (at least for now)

the Brat

this is my interpretation of one of the old Confrontation gangs, known as brats (precursors to spyrers I guess). I'm not sure I pulled off the brat look that well, other than the crazy hair. I''m thinking of ordering some harlequins to use as the basis for such a gang, mohawks and crazy colours and all. we'll see. I have enough ideas in my head as it is!

the Adept

possibly part of an ad-mech party or a member of an inquisitorial retinue, I'm not sure at this point. He could easily be an NPC or hired gun.

the Mutant/Xenos

I love the way this model tuurned out - that round thing between his hands could be anything from a ball of energy (psyker!) to a levitating piece of archeotech or xenotech, not sure yet.

So that's what I have so far.

I'm already working on a huge ogryn (based on a skaven stormfiend, though there's little there to show yet. I'm also waiting for LOADS of bitz and kits to arrive so I can get started on some more models.

I'm dying to make an inquisitor (or at least an inquisitorial retinue member) in huge power armour, based on a space marine centurion, that will take up loads of converting.

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