Jan 29, 2017

more grey models!

Here's some new conversions, a bit more ambitious than the first ones, now I've found my groove again. 

Ad-mech thing
The first is a weird ad-mech floating thing made with the top half of Belisarius Cawl. I still need to add a lot of Gs piping hanging down from him, and more gubbinz and bitz.
I love that freaky mutant dude, from the stormfiend kit and I've been wanting to use it for ages!
The body is from Belisarius Cawl, the arms are from the Talos (great kit!).
I still need to add more techy parts (Though the silhouette wont be as busy as cawl is - an excuse to keep some parts for conversions :) ) and lots of GS pipes made with this - http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/roll-maker/69-roll-maker-tube-wire-machine.html

Psyker and special ops dude

The second is a psyker (possibly to go in a mutant gang), and I'm really happy with how this model turned out (though he is quite large). He is made from wrack legs, electro priest body (once the electoo is shaved off these bodies are great, though shame the arms aren't readily interchangeable with the bodies) and arms and genestealer hybrid head.

The third is a special-ops dude to go with my cloaked bounty hunter. Still needs some GS to fill in the gaps, though I'm please with his pose. He's made from a baneblade crew head (i think?), space marine scout body, scion legs and gun, and skitarii arms.


And finally, a rite of passage for anyone dabbling in Inquisimunda - the obligatory lord of plagues - i need to add Belisarius's hood and need to do a lot of GS work, though I'm happy with him. I'll certainly be getting a couple more of him for conversions in other gangs. The feet are black reach ork nob legs and the gun is a space marine scout heavy bolter

All these new models mean I'm going to end up with loads of different models and gangs, So far I;m thinking of:
  • Rogue Trader party: The first 4 painted models I posted. I;ve since added another warrior crewman, the xenos venator and I'm converting a simple navigator. I also made a pilot model though I wasn;t too pleased with the result so I might scrap him. 
  • =][= Warband: I just finished the =][= himself, and have a few other models made though want to add a death cultist and assassin and a priestly guy also. the lord of plagues conversion might end up in this party though I don't want it to be too gun heavy. He might go in the pilgrimage below if the cowl/hood end up looking very cawdor. 
  • Pilgrimage: either a Cawdor or Redeptionist gang (I'm leqaning towards the former). The models for this are all done and 4 of them are painted. I just started work on another 3.
  • Mutant gang: weird mutants, possibly with some techno-grafts, so not exactly scavvy mutants. Looking forward to going crazy on these guys.
  • Ad-mech party: I have a few models in mind for this, though it's in the back-burner as I work on things that I'm more sure of for the time-being.
  • One offs and mini gangs: things like the bounty hunter and special ops guy, one-offs and 3-man mini parties that can be very specific without needing to worry about replicating a look and feel across too many models.

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