Jan 13, 2017

fresh recruits!

So I've busy at work converting random models, and I've been coming up with vague ideas for gangs/retinues/warbands I could feasibly collect them with.

So here are the new recruits:

=][= 2nd-in-command

I've seen many conversions based on the cultist leader, which I've loved (usually removing the bare torso and replacing it with Cadian armour - in my case a free company chest). This is my take on that. I love this flagellant head. It;s quite dignified, despite the dishevelled beard. I added skitarii arms.

He is to be the 2nd-in-command to an =][= that I am yet to complete (I'm awaiting some parts to arrive to finish him off. But he's going to be an impressive figure...

Pilgrim leader

The left-over arms from the cultist leader were used on this model, which looks fanatical-enough to be a pilgrim leader or redemptionist. I've since filled in the gaps in the shoulders.


This is a pretty old model (hence the discolouring in the plastic in some parts) and he fits in with the pilgrims. I removed the old arm and added a genestealer cultist autogun arm. This guy means business!

Ogryn gun/combat servitor

I've been slowly tinkering with this model since I started converting models for the warband. It's based around a skaven stormfiend, with various parts (ogre head and arm, ork nob buzzsaw, IG voxcaster backpack speaker, landspeeder assault cannons). Though there's a while yet before I can call this guy finished. I;m really looking forward to painting this guy, whose going to be part of the =][= warband.

these models leave me with a:
- Pilgrims: necromunda-sized pilgrim warband (9 models, with a heavy flamer, shotguns, autoguns and a few odd models... more on those in a future post)
- =][= retinue: so far i have the 2nd-in-command, ogryn, and a conscript. I'll post more on these as the band comes together.
- Rogue Trader exploration party: 5 models including rogue trader, 1 hired gun, 2 navy marines and a lieutenant. I still need to add a navigator and a xenos.
 - NPCs: random models with no set-allegiances. They might, depending on future models, make their way into future gangs, though nothing for sure.

I also want to create some form of ad-mech party, though need  lots more parts for that.  

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