Jan 15, 2017

Pilgrim gang

I've got another 4 models done, this time for a pilgrimage. These models will work for a Cawdor or Redemptionist gang, I suppose, if I ever get round to playing :) So far I have these 4 guys painted up, though there's another 5 lines up and undercoated, ready for paint. The only robed models in the gang are the ones I've painted so far - the rest have IG fatigues and trousers and are meant to be militant repentant types.

There's some simple conversions here, which I'm pleased with. Most of the parts are flagellants (Lovely kit, though some parts seem slightly out-of-scale with each other, like the arms, which just seem a ta too long to me).

The painting is still a bit iffy to me (I'm not as happy with the robes as id like to be, for instance. Once of the wash layers pooled and left horrible marks, which i tried to overlay with the bone colour, making it worse!), especially by the great standards of some members of the group, but I am enjoying painting again after such a long break - 4+ years. I'm pleased with the overall tone and palette, though I want to work on differentiating the tones from warband to warband. The use of the same reds, browns, and whites across this and my rogue trader band, for instance, is bugging me.

Methuselah Hydor

My pilgrim leader, made from parts from the two chaos cultist leaders. The arms are from the trenchcoat model (really nice model. I'd like to get a couple more of that to try convert) I had left over from my inquisitor conversion. I'm not that sure about the sword though, which looks a bit too beaten up to me. Maybe a chainsword would look better?

Jacobus Rex, proclomator

Probably my favourite model from this lot - this model was created about 5 years go though was ignored. I just removed the old right arm and replaced it with a genestealer neophyte hybrid arm holding an autogun. Et viola! I still need to add writing to the scroll, though I'm saving it for when i have more models.


My favourite overall model from the new batch, and I'm really pleased with the face too. The conversion itself is made from a flagellant body and the arms/weapon from a chaos cultist.

Lasgun Joe

So much for using matt washes... they seem to be glossy in the pictures. Perhaps they need a matt varnish to tone them down a bit for pictures.

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