Jan 6, 2017


So the start of my Rogue Trader party is 'done.' I'm sure there's loads of bits left that I can touch up, but that can wait for until i have more models ready.
I'm still getting the hang of painting again after a 4-year hiatus. Must practice more! The lighting is also pretty bad, though it's enough to show off the parts used well-enough for anyone interested.

the Rogue Trader's party so far. No rogue trader party is complete without a xenos crew member - possibly a squat engineer or eldar assassin or something more exotic. I also plan on adding a few ratings and crewmen. also need a navigator.

Rogue Trader Stern Eltairn, Son of Gatha II

He inherited his family's ancestral charter and now explores the eastern reaches of the Galaxy for xenos technology. His charter is attached to his side (text still to be added!)

First Mate Malichar

A Childhood friend and Schola Progenium drop-out, he is now-wingman and partner-in-crime to Stern

Marine Untun

One off two marines aboard Sterns crew. They follow him across the galaxy with the promise of riches and adventure ringing in their ears.

(other marine to be created later!)

Ben Ephraim, gunslinger

He is owed a debt by Stern, and follows him in his adventures, lending his not inconsiderable skills with pistols to the group.

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