Jan 21, 2017

More Grey models

I've been busy converting away before it's time to start painting another batch of models (probably form the =][= warband) and my groups are starting to take form.

=][= Ialdabaoth

I've finally been able to put together my =][= model, after waiting for some parts to arrive. I happened to have  a Khorne Bloodbound torso and Tartaros terminator shoulder pads lying around and I pushed them together and liked the look, so went ahead dry-fitting other parts until I came up with everything above the waist, and then ordered some custodian legs to finish him off.

He's since had some more parts added and had some work done to the cloak and is based and ready for painting now. Looking forward to painting this guy now - with brass and verdigris, and another contrasting/complimentary colours, though not quite sure what yet. (maybe dark green,browns and/or white stained with verdigris).

 Bounty Hunter

One of the earliest conversions I started working on, it tool me simply ages to get the Chaos Warrior back, Black Templar torso and Khorne Bloodbound legs to all fit together. Lots of shaving, drilling, sanding, dry-fitting and repeating until they all fit together. I was really happy with the result and then covered everything up with the powerfist and bolter! I hope he doesn't look too space-mariney as I was initially against using marine weapons to make him look more different.

I plan on painting him mostly black, with some accents and spot colours (things like heraldry and equipment etc.), and will be adding 2 special-ops type characters as underlings, to make a bounty hunter mini-gang, so-to-speak.

Xenos Venator
A half-converted model from years ago that I picked from bitzbox hell for a new lease of life. A kroot body and converted ungor head make up the main body with a few loincloths and a shoulder pad added. Of course the feature is an ancient chaos autocannon from Rogue Trader that I still need to convert to fit in a bit more. I'm still not 100% sold on the model, though, and it might need a different weapon.


A quick model I converted whilst waiting for some GS to dry on other model's I'm actually really pleased with the result. I've  been wanting to use the noose and arms attached to the stocks for a while and I think the results are nice. 

Servo Skull/worm
I received a GS roller the other day and was looking forward to trying it out (it's a great way to use up extra GS left over at the end of a modelling session. I rolled up a large piece and curled it up and got the idea to attach a skull to it and ended up with. I imagine it being some weird familar to a magos or some other ad mech model I come up with  


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