Dec 31, 2016

=][= munda

I've been bitten by the inquisitor 28 bug. I've been an admirer of its various advocates over the past few years and after admiring images in pinterest and following the fb page and loving the Blanchitsu articles I've decided to take my modelling supplies out of retirement and start converting some crazy figures.

I've ordered a bunch of models and am awaiting their delivery (trust my luck ordering over the christmas period when the store was closed...) though In the meantime I was able to sort through some of my bitz and sprues to concoct the below models:

Little thought went into the creation of the models as I had no intention of using them for any games, though now that I've finished work on them I've started thinking about rules.

I'm thinking the central model would make a good rogue trader or noble and might be a good central figure or at least a lieutanant-sort figure. the snazzy topknot and imperial sleeves give him a bit of an-oldschool vibe (while that's not strictly what I;m going for it;s a welcome look).

The guy on the left looks like a combat acolyte or possibly a navy warrior.

The second guy (made from the corpse cart necromancer) would make a suitable mystic though is a but too disheveled to be seen in the company of the rogue trader.

The fourth guy is a mutant or possibly uncategorised Xenos (i intend to drill a beat between his hands to give the impression of a floating ball of energy)

The fifth guy looks like he might make a good pilgrim, on the way to holy Terra.

A motley crew and unlikely to form part of the same retinue, so I think I have the foundation of a few separate warbands here - a rogue trader ship is the idea I'm most leaning towards basing future models on, with baroque space suits for the regular crewmen, maybe an ogryn loader as well.

Other ideas for gangs include an =][= (radical) band (of course), though I'm awaiting more models to arrive before I start anything on those, as well as a mutant and pilgrim (puritan) band.

I also have ideas for various models that can be one-offs like hired guns or characters.  

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