Oct 26, 2012


So after a brief absence I return with gloriously crappy pics of the mawloc and termagants. After a lot of hesitation in painting the armour plates I must say I really enjoyed painting this guy,though the magnetised arms were somewhat fiddly (though having said that I'm glad I did magnetise them as it would have been very difficult to reach a lot of spots with the arms in way).

The sensory spines on the head were a last-minute addition as i felt the model was beginning to look a bit bland, so I blended them up to the old GW warlock purple with a few coats of quick drybrushing which turned out nicely considering the few minutes it took to do them. I'm trying to think of other models/areas where I can use this effect. perhaps the lictor feeder tendrils when i get round to making one.

I also had my first game of 40k in... 4-5 years a few days ago, against my best buddy's IG. a mech list with 3 leman russes, 2 basilisks, a hellhound, 2 storm trooper squads, 2 vet squads and a platoon. My army was slightly less coherent with a hive tyrant (2x twin linked devourers and old adversary) with 2 tyrant guard. 3 carnifexes, the mawloc, 2 units of 4 shooty warriors. 2 units of 25 termagants 2 hive guard and 2 units of 4 burrowing rippers.

the idea with the army was to use the rippers to DS in front (or behind, set-up permitting) of the opponent causing him to waste fire on them, and to DS right in the middle of the enemy's force, causing casualties and disruption while the rest of the army approaches.

the mass of tanks wasnt helpful, with all my monstrous creatures having died on the enemeies second shooting phase (the mass of high s/low ap ordnance and emperor-knows how many rapid firing plasma guns left the monstrous creatures dead or close to death) and the presence of a regimental advisor that reduces my DS rolls by 1 left me missing the mawloc until turn 4... by which point it was too late. 2 mawlocs will offset this and changing the old adversary rule to hive commander and perhaps taking a lictor or 2 to add further disruption might help.

im not giving up, as i feel this is one of the hardest armies to come against as the armour-14 leman russes are a bitch to shoot up with 'nids. I was impressed with the hive guard and toughness of the warriors tough will probably swap them for raveners and if i keep any of the carnifexes ill probably cchange their bl devourers for stranglethorn cannons or heavy venom cannons.

conversion-work on the hive guard continues and im looking forward to getting 4 of them painted. im also thinking of a lictor or 2 to add to the army, though am still thinking of conversion ideas for them and will likely go with something lictor-like but more akin to a praying mantis, with the large scything talons on  the front of the thorax and somewhat longer and spindlier than the talons we're used to seeing. another conversion based on by beloved plastic warrior sprue :)


  1. The armour looks really cool awesome work fella, and defo keep playing 40k. IG are hard to play with horde CC armies. I dreaded them with my horde Orks so many templates high armour values, just feels like you have to do all the work and get your army obliterated in the process.


  2. oh yeah! Haven't played any games since that one, but will try to get some in when I move into the new apartment next year. looking forward to converting a tyrannofex and hive guard in a similar style... though not quite yet,still have some zoanthrope commissions to work through.

    nice hearing from you :)