Oct 14, 2012

the Fleet Grows

I haven't been posting as much as I've been busy with work and starting work on some boring conversions
(at least, they're boring for now...). I have managed to start work on some more gaunts (repaints of some older ones I had lying around which I cleaned up as best as I could) and a mwaloc (the first of 2 planned ones), though I have tried magnetising it so I can use it as a trygon/mawloc. I've so far done the head and still need to do the magnets for the arms... In hindsight I'll do the magnetising on the second one before I start painting next time..,.

I'm very happy with the way the blue turned out (excuse the pics, I'll take better ones once its done), though am really not looking forward to painting the back plates, a fact that is probably responsible for the week of inactivity on the painting...

the gaunts are in the same state of progress, though finsihing them off will take a lot less time than the mawloc, though then again they only account for about 50 points (6 fleshborers and 2 devourers). the Fleshborers have had their old arms (spinefists) removed and changed with new fleshborer arms. the rest of the models were cleaned up as best as I could (you can still see painted bases on some of them).

next up are three zoanthropes that I'm working on as a commission. looking forward to finishing these off.

And finally, I'm working on the first 2 of 6 planned hive guard. They're coming together nicely and are being built in a similar way to the tyrant guard, though using the larger tervigon crushing claw as a tail rather than the smaller carnifex one. their weapon is built from a warrior venom cannon stuck to the bottom of the torso, with middle arms made from the large warrior scything talons. the upper arms are atrophied and are part of the weapon. the upper carapace is extended, its shape changed, with milliput/GS. I wont post any pics until after they're done ;)

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