May 6, 2011

Brother Nelchael

Not a Howling Griffon, but at least some paint

my first time usinga  brush in well over a year and im pretty pleased with it. its a quick job, more to get paint on the conversion than anything else, though i like the result. ive always been a fan of the Mentor colour scheme (actually, come to think of it i tend to like segmented marines with white - pre-heresy death guard and world eaters and mentors, as well as sons of guilliman and howling griffons) and really enjoyed painting this model.

the model was painted with GW paints and Mig weathering powders. It was sprayed white with my airbrush. the green areas were bascoated Orkhide Shade and highlight stages included Snot Green and Scorpion Green with Badab Black. i tend to be frugal with highlights, which shows in the pics, though the more subtle colours tend to look better in the flesh (or at least i think so!). the white is just the spray undercoat with Black Ink and Badab Black shading painted back up to Skull White. the pouches are Scorched Brown with Calthan Brown highlights and the eyes/lenses are Blood Red highlighted with Golden Yellow. the chapter symbol/squad marking are just Blood Red.

the legs received some Russian Earth and Ashes White weathering powder rubbed into it as well as watered down badab black.
the base is a base of chaos black, drybrushed with charadon granite highlighted up to skull white (and some Russian Earth weathering powder rubbed into it and the pipe in the back was painted Boltgun Metal and then washed with Scorched Brown, Vermin Brown and Blazing orange with a light dusting of Sharpened Rust weathering powder before a matt varnish was sprayed onto the entire model

EDIT: damn, just realised i forgot to paint the grenades...

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