Jan 13, 2012


This is the reason for my 'comeback' (if i can be bold-enough :p). I've been away for a long time, working on my graphic design, swearing at Adobe indesign, illustrator and photoshop and chiseling away at the unformed mass of my conworld (hoping to one day sculpt it into a viable world in which i can base my short stories etc). My minis have been packed away for some time now, my paints and sculpting tools secured safely in storage, awaiting the stroke of inspiration to strike once more.

Ive been keeping an eye on GW's developments over the months; the gorgeous is stylistically odd ogres, to the lovely necrons and the new vampires, everything has been impressive, to a degree, but it took an unsourced piece of Karl Kopinski artwork to get me started again.

The ideas are bold, the plan as yet unformed... but the intention is to make 3 large-scale models based on that gorgeous piece of art. there's no WIP's yet, and little more than an idea percolating slowly in my mind. dont get excited, as its likely that nothing will come of this, but, fingers crossed... wish me luck! ill need it

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  1. Now then!

    Having a comeback myself, hopefully spur each other on.... good luck!