Mar 15, 2012

hello there,

well its been a long time since i posted anything here, though ive been lurking, mostly on the rumour and M,P & T threads. my last projects were tyranids and 'true-scale/art scale' (call them what you will ) space marines, though theyve been put on hiatus for some time. I know there's a lot of marine haters out there, particularly with this new slew of horrendously-written background in recent codex books, though theres just something about the dichotomy and juxtaposition of knights and technology, as well as their 1-3rd edition background that really appeals to me, and their artwork (mostly by paul dainton and karl kopinski) has always inspired me.

to that effect i, a recent ultramarine image by karl kopinski caught my eye:

that picture, to me, is the epitome of space marineyness (is that a word? lol), the scale and proportions are spot on to me, and the colour and design of the armour (the ornateness and baroque design married with the techiness of their weapons and equipment) is just perfect.

ive been wanting to make a large scale marine for some tyears now, though real life and mojo-drainage have cursed me to never realise the project. originally, the idea was to do something around 6" tall, though recently ive wanted to go for something far more abitous = a 1/6th scale marine (about 12 - 14" inches tall). now, im no master-sculptor, but i feel confident enough in my S and general model-making skills to pull off the model... save one thing; the head.

ive been scouring the internet for heads that i can use to shirk having to sculpt a (inevitably) crappy head, and its that search for fitting pre-made heads that led me to change the scale from 6" to 12", as i found some very lifelike heads available on ebay:

not perfect for maines, but good quality i think, though if theres other heads (maybe cheaper ones too as those are pretty pricey though obviously good quality
) id be very grateful, particularly if you can link me to high quality smaller sclae heads that would fit a 6"ish model.

the rest of the model will be made with a tried-and-tested silverfoil/super sculpewy with milliput and GS detailing and pieces stolen from a whole myriad of kits and manufacturers. the original plan is to make a facsimilie of the central character in the pic, though if i have enough fun making him (doubful) i might take a shot at making the other two characters. we'll see... 
thanks for any Feedback!

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  1. I too absolutely love Karl Kopinski's style pertaining to Space Marines.
    I'm also always a fan of true/art scale.
    Sounds like an epic project you have planned.
    Cannot wait to see how it develops.