Sep 1, 2012

'well, I'm back,'

as a mr. Gamgee once said.

Impossible, you might say, he's been gone for far too long!

he's back? IMPOSSIBRU!

After a long absence (real life, other commitments, burnout, you know) I think im back. that's the plan at least. got some more tyranid conversions on the go (tyrant guard made from warriors, carnifex carapaces and lots of GS), an entire tzeentch daemon army (my first army in a long time), random traitor guard (i just love making traitor guard models), chaos marines (those chosen from dark vengeance sure are nice) and a few other bitz and bobs (lets forget the 12" marine thing, shall we... getting the parts together for that was a nightmare).

Spurred on by the release of 6th 40k (not sure what to think of the rules to be honest. i think their intentions were good, though the execution is a bit meh. random charge is fine. new rapid fire weapons rules are a huge improvement over the old rules (perhaps too good). though the new meta seems to favour shooting far above assaulting/combat. ill see soon enough i guess.

expect picturey updates over the next few days, including C.I.P (conversion in progress) tyrant guard and P.I.P (painting in progress) traitor guard

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