Sep 28, 2012

I am ripper...

so, a stop-gap unit to give me something to do whilst waiting for bitz and kits to arrive (i had a bit of a mix up with wayland games, though everythings' settled now and I should have a few orders on the way, including 4 boxes of warriors, some gaunts and a tyrant and tervigon).

Anyhow, this is the first of 3 batches of rippers that ill be working on to add to the army, giving me about 15-20 bases-worth (depending on how many i can get out of forthcoming kits and what I can find in my bitzboxes). I doubt I'll be using these guys much as theyre pretty crap (though I'd still like to try 20 deep-striking bases, if nothing else, deep striking close to the enemy will cause him to devote quite a bit of shooting against them, giving my other units a turn of freedom in which to advance, at least that's the idea...)

you'll have to excuse the rather crappy pics though my lightbox is out of action for the moment, explaining the low quality balcony pics etc!

I'm also working on some zoanthrope commissions at the moment (pic below) and am starting work on some spore mines (another left-field tactic id like to try is a battery of biovores and spore mine clusters, with hive guard and warrior support).

And now, for something completely different...
Well, not that completely different... My tentative second project, a Tzeentch marine/daemon/IG army. of course, I can't use all 3 options in the same game (though luckily, the addition of cultists and dark apostles means I can sort-of use IG traitors as standard in the army, with daemon allies).

The plan is to have a core of thousand sons and/or mark of Tzeentch marines - I'm envisioning a core of 2 thousand sons units, with some marked marines, chosen, havocs, raptors/warp talons, all in the style of the new Dark Vengeance chosen models. To that I'll add Tzeentch daemons (I have an idea for a Tzeentch flying circus daemon army with fateweaver, 3 lion-headed feathered-winged daemon princes and lots of screamers and flamers) and imperial guard units, the latter of which will be heavily converted, with lots of highly individual character models; making a sort-of fallen =][= lord and retinue... though that's in the future...

For now I received 18 chosen from the DV box (to add to the actual box I'd like to get by years' end), forming a good core to the army; 24 'chosen' (likely to be converted and used as standard marines), 1 lord. 1 helbrute and 20 cultists (to add to the considerable fallen guard models and bitz I already have - always fun to model!) looking forward to trying this army out, and experimenting with converting the chosen into different poses and equipment.

Also on the agenda is finishing off the Howling Griffons and (likely when the marine codex is re-released in hard-back) the Angels of Censure... though I wouldnt hold my breath if I were you!

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