Sep 2, 2012

tyrant guard... or warriors... or lictors

so here's some WIP shots of the tryant guard im working on. theyre based on the ubiquitous tyranid warriors (they are to me at least - love em! if the rules for them werent such dross id have an all warrior army, but thats a rant for another day).

they use carnifex crushing claw arms for the main limbs, with the addition of spare carnifex carapaces to bulk them out and make them look tougher. the claws are monstrous creature rending claws, the arms of which were used as the base for the secondary limbs, which in turn use warrior scything talons. this makes both pairs of arms larger than those on normal warriors. the legs are unconverted for now (might bulk them out, not sure. i quite like the top-havy look tbh). the abdomen is made from spare crushing claw claws (much like the zoanthropes, leading me to think that this hive fleets' variant warriors have that sort of abdomen (so expect lictors and hive guard to have similar tails, should i make them).

here's a close up of the claws, both sides. the ones with lots of GS on them show the underside. im thinking of painting them in the normal blue/black of the rest of the fleet, though blending the blue into black on the forearms, sort of softer carapace giving way to hrder, or just painting them black, to convey the thicker armour. possibly the latter (easier to do, as well).

as theyre converted model im free to use them for a variety of roles, most obvious being tyrant guard (meaning ill need to get me a tyrant!) though at a stretch i can also use them as normal warriors with talons/claws, or maybe even as counts as lictors (maybe a stretch, but i think the idea of these hulking things skulking around enemy territory is pretty cool).

im hoping to finish off the GS by the end of the week. I still need to finish the carapace (whats visible behind their heads is just a skeleton so the proper sculpting has something solid to adhere to), the arms and the waists, and possibly bulk out the legs in some way.

let me know what you think


  1. These are some really great conversions!
    If I were to play 'Nids I would definitely give this a try.

  2. theyre actually quite fun. after reading up on the codex's rules under 6th ed, im thinking of a couple of units of hive guard built in a similar way