Sep 10, 2012

Vorropohaiah's musings

Not so much a modelling post, but rather an introspective on the hobby in general.

I'm 29 years old now and first got in the hobby with my fried Paul in the summer of 93 ('twas a good year, Jurassic Park and the Nightmare Before Christmas came out that year; two films that, alongside my introduction to GW that same year, had a large impact on my life), at the tender age of 9 and 360-ish days. My first glimpse of the hobby was a blood bowl and 40k (2nd ed) flyer with the old-style egg-shaped blood angel and ork dreads. I was instantly hooked!

From there it was a solid 5-6 years of gaming, primarily 40k, though dabbling in Necromunda, BFG, epic and Warhammer quest, before the onset of 4th edition saw me largely leave the hobby, due largely to my regular group disbanding after the closing-down of our haunt ( a great indie-store that I basically grew up in and spent most of my days skiving school it to paint and game...). It was then that I became interested in world-building and, perhaps naturally, I moved on from wargaming into roleplaying (though never grew too distant form the hobby, keeping up to date with new releases and the general goings on in my areas of interest).

Though I was a decent painter (I was never very good at gaming and spent most of my hobby time converting, reading fluff and painting, in that order), I became obsessed with worldbuilding and have spent the better part of the last 7-years of my life creating (and getting ever-so-steadily farther away from finishing) my conworld of Elyden, which also has a blog: Over the months i tended to concentrate more on the worldbuilding aspects - cartography, history, conlangs - rather than writing fiction, and that's where I decided I needed a break.

This is where my obsessive personality comes into play. I find it very difficult to multitask, in that I can't spend my free time on different hobbies. i tend to obsess over one thing for a period of time (ranging from months to years), before burning out and naturally moving onto some other long-neglected area of interest. I find myself moving from conworlding to hobbying again, and the transition took little more than 2-weeks.

What does this mean? I have lots of ideas, least important is the continuation of my tyranids. I hope to finish off the Howling Griffon squad that features earlier on. I hope to finish off a nurgle warband composed of ransom converted models. I want to carry on converting individual chaos 'guard. And I hope to start work on random retinue-ish models, which will allow my to exercise my converting skills. I envisage lots of strange quasi-imperial characters and roguish figures coming to light over the coming months - inqusitiors, rogue traders, strange xenos beasties, and, my favourites... worshippers of chaos. And the number of plastic models have greatly increased in the years I've been AWOL.

Well, watch this space and see if this hyperbole actually leads to anything...

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