Sep 8, 2012

So the converting is pretty much done on the tyrant guard (just need to fill in some gaps on the hapless guardsman (tm) and they're ready to undercoat, just after i buy some spray). I'm going to try a slightly less quick and easy painting approach on these (largely because they're bigger models than the gaunts, but also because i want to try make them a bit more complex - as they are now, the painted models are just drybrushed, with proper painting on the armour plates and flesh/eyes).

It's been a while since I've touched any GS, though I'm pretty pleased with the carapace - relatively smooth and will look pretty seamless once its painted black. I could have done a better job on the weird part above the head, which is one of those things that comes about through interesting shapes done with the sculpting tool that in hindsight I should have worked on. As it is that area looks too random and unfinished. I'll try add something to it before i prime them (hopefully over the next few days).

I just ordered a tervigon, 3 boxes of warriors, tyrant and some gaunts as well as parts to start converting a prime and 4 hive guard (all of which I'm really looking forward to converting...). I also got some magnets to magnetise the gaunt weapons - fleshborers for tervigon spawned beasties, and devourers for the others, interchangeable; and I hope to be able to remove the scything talons from the carnifexes without damaging the paint-job, so I can magnetise them to swap between devourers and talons. Here's some random pics of the models so far:

and a group shot: