Mar 27, 2011

ah: beginnings

well, i thought i was out of the hobby for good (save the odd spot of forum lurking and weekly website surfing) but, you cant keep a good dog down (or is that bad dog?). who knows? :) all i know is the bug's bitten again and i've a terrible urge to scratch and itch or something like that. so enough with the stupid anecdotes and onto the plan.

"Do i look like a guy with a plan?" said the joker, and ironically, i think he did have a plan. unfortunately, i'm not as forward thinking as he was so i dont really have a plan, just a vague idea of what i may or may not do in the forseeable future.

  • Marines of some sort, of course. though what scale and/or amounts of converting is still up for debate. i've got three different scales in mind (normal, my crazy world eater-style true-scaling [though hopefully more detailed and crisper] and something bigger - think half-way between the FW display-scale marine and my truescale world-eaters and you'll have a good idea). of course i have different plans for different scales: continuing my Angels of Censure (link to old blog on Warseer) army in normal scale; continuing the world eaters and other random marines in truescale (as well as at least one squad of Howling Griffins marines in the same scale) and a sculpting challenge in something about 90mm scale; which in the case of a marine would make it easily 110mm of not larger. only time will tell what (if any) of these i do, and in what order.

a terminator from the angels of censure
  • Orks. more specifically, some long overdue commissions and finishing off whats left of my original bad moons army - i've a gigantic walker thats in dire need of a lick of paint and about 1500 points worth of random plastic model parts weighing down my bitz box. Here's a pic of the walker: 

  • Random sculpting goodness. i've stocked up my sculpting supplies, inculding green and brown stuff, procreate, milliput and, for the first time, some super sculpey, which i'm looking forward to trying out. id love to try my hand at some cthulhu-esque sculpting projects and maybe some stuff based off of stories and mythologies i've created. we'll see what comes of it. here's a pic of the type of thing i have in mind for this project:

  • something nurglesque would be cool too, or maybe a daemonspawn diorama with lots of weird characterful models, buts thats a lot of stuff to think about for now.

at the moment im leaning towards the angels of censure and a truescale howling griffins unit, which i really want to take my time on and model up to the best of my abilities and maybe push myself a bit. fingers crossed ill actually ahve some progress in the next few days...


  1. Ahh awesome fella! WB!

    I might in the distant future want you to make me a grimlak for my Orks - basically a Ghazkull, but that would be when I get an Ork mojo return.

    Look forward to anything you add to this blog!

  2. ooh nice :) would that be for a new army? sounds interesting

  3. well more an add on, as I think when ever a new ork dex comes I will expand the waagh to include more clans and it would be nice for Grimlak to have his own model. Probably a year or two off doing that tbh!