Mar 29, 2011

WTF? warners rebooting batman AGAIN?

well, id like to post tidbits of cool geekery-related info here from time-to-time as well as my modelling exploits (again, not the catwalk variety). well here's such a thing, taken from

Despite the setbacks it faced the last time Warner Bros. tried to gather its DC Comics-based heroes together to form the Justice League, that isn’t putting the studio off from moving ahead with the plan, according to executive Jeff Robinov, who revealed that they’re looking to reboot Batman again.

“We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman,” Robinov tells the LA Times. “Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”
The mention of Nolan and his regular producing partner/wife being involved makes us think it’ll hopefully maintain the high standards that the director has set for Bruce Wayne, but the fact remains that the more down-to-earth setting for Nolan’s take on the character would have to be ditched if Warners is going to see him share the screen with the super-powered likes of Superman (now taking the form of Henry Cavill) and Green Lantern in the League.
Plus it seem that Robinov’s target for the team-up is 2013, which seems like a nearly unworkable date given that The Dark Knight won’t return until summer next year and Zack Snyder’s Superman won’t even arrive until that December.
We don’t doubt that Robinov wants to get his company’s version of The Avengers up and running, and given that he says a Justice League script (as well as standalone films for The Flash and Wonder Woman, despite the new TV version) is being written, he may yet see his dream realised. But 2013? We’ll see. And what do you lot think? Too soon? Good call? Sound off!

all i have to say about this is WTF!? lol

anyway, expect pics of the angels of censure termies up  in a few hours


  1. le sigh... they should give it more time, it will be more valuable to them. Im at a point with Batman that nothing moves on and we dont see the interesting less popular baddies... Im a bit meh on the Spiderman re-boot, even though I think it needs one. An Avengers movie would be awesome tho...

  2. well the avengers movie is coming next summer :D

    im looking forward to seeing what the new spiderman will be like, if only because i like alternate versions of things ive alredy seen so to speak (and its not stricktly a reboot, its meant to continue on from the last movie, kinda... like the incredible hulk did - changed the whole cast though kinda carries on from the ang lee hulk, which i still thibnk is better).

    we'll see soon enough i guess