Mar 28, 2011


Well, long story short, i've been doing a bit of thinking about what i really want to be doing... and i couldnt decide! one thing ive nboticed during my modelling exploits (not the catwalk kind, but the scalpel and polystyrene cement and plastic figures kind) is that i tend to have pre-set attention spans. i usually spend a solid year working on models/paintings/comissions before i burn out and competely drop everything in favour of my writing. i think a more moderate approach would be better - so im thinking of sepnding a little time week on random things, so that inthe eventuality that i get bored with something i can easily switch to something else (the marvels of super sculpey - not being constrained by putty curing-time, i can see this being very helpful!).

im looking at my truescale marine parts and will likely cast up a set of standing legs and torso to cast up for use as a base on the models. a good and easy way forward, which will sae much time ad allow me more freedomto embelish models with GS details. i think ill start with these and a gap-filling exercise on the Angels of CEnsure terminators to get them ready for painting. i have a day off on thursday so will hope to get started then (unless my girlfriend manages to drag me out of the house for a picnic... gah!)


  1. picnic... thats a funny word!

    Im the same, I dont want to get sick of the hobby so Im going to cut down on tournies and pressure stuff where I have to get things done. Im just going to get on with things as I feel like it...

    With your current setup I doubt you could go all out hobby splurge like you used to anyway!!

  2. yeah. real life and overtime really kill the hobby :p