Mar 30, 2011

Finally, pics!

well the converting-work is mostly done on the terminators. they've been lying in storage for close to a year, assembled but lacking GS. as theyre the easiest job to get started i decided to start with them, to get me back into the groove, so to speak. all they needed was a spot of gap-filling, GSing on the greaves and (yest to be completed) GS work on their feet and, in the case of one of the termies, a left hand, as well as some work integrating the skull-eagle onto the storm-shields.

here's a group-shot:

4th guy from the left still needs a left hand, and quite  a few feet need some GS work

im actually really pleased with the poses and weapons on these guys, especially the flanking guys on the left and right. the spear and angel are two common chapter emblems, which will be depicted in various guises on their banners and personal heraldry. once the GK termies have been released ill probably use some shoulder shields to add to these guys, to increase individuality with personal heraldry.

onto the individual pics:

i love the commander model, with the servo-skulls and parchments. im hoping to be able to do some free-hand on the armour once he's painted.

thinking of which, ill be painting these guys a veined bone colour with some dark green detail (a reverse of the normal marines - which ill try post pics of soon.


  1. lordy - almost forgot how good your TS was!!

  2. thanks, but hardly - just some really annoying sculpting work on the greaves. not much to these, really. hopefully im fingers can remember how to paint properly :p