Apr 3, 2011

and now time for something completely different...

well, not quite.

Its still a marine, but a slightly different scale to the last ones. This is the first of a planned 5-man Howling Griffons squad; knightly and covered in various equipment and stuff. I've always loved their colour scheme and thought that the yellow/red quartered scheme was reminiscent of brettonians and so i always imagined them as a knightly chapter. further research (particularly Imperial Armour 9) revealed that they were actually a  very busy fleet-based chapter which valued nobility, honour and knightly virtues who had well-equipped armouries; perfect!

the models im making are smaller than my previous so-called artscale marine army (the world eaters, for anyone who remembers/knows) though larger than the terminators that featured in a previous post. so slightly more sensible :p

The legs are a normal terminator legs with a 1mm plasticard spacer added to the top of the thigh and GS used to fill in the armour struts on the legs, add detail to the top of the greave and replace the feet after the original plastic ones were hollowed out so i could achieve a pose I was happy with. the belt was widened with GS, also. The body is made from GS with the addition of an imperial eagle from a normal tactical marine added to a blob of GS around which the cuirass was sculpted. The arms are normal terminator arms with the piping removed and replaced with lead tubing of various sizes; while the shoulder pads are a cast of some masters I made a while back for another truescale marine army. various accesories from dark angel, black templar and scout kits were used around the model.

I intend to paint them pretty damaged as though theyre in the middle of a campaign, with lots of dust on their legs and chips and worn areas. Models will have individual heraldry (in the form of paint and, once the parts i need arrive, shoulder shields, in the fashion of grey-knights.

Other models will include a banner bearer, a flamer dude (based on the below model, from my truescale world eater army), and another 2 guys i havent decided yet.

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