Apr 30, 2011

airbrush woes

well ive had a chance to try out the airbrush and, ive come to the conclusion that buying cheap is not always good. as is often the case with me, i tend to buy first and do research later (something im learning the hard way is not the right thing to do, as though that needed elaborating). it seems as though the airbrush i got is an unbranded one.

when spraying, the colours are always powdery and i can see the individual spots of paint. after spraying for a few minutes, it starts spitting and the flow of paint becomes very random indeed. after taking the thing apart, cleaning it (as far as i know, properly) with airbrush cleaner and reassembling it seems to be ok (ish) though very quickly starts spluttering, with the flow appearing to decrease steadily with the same amount of pressure onthe compressor producing a thinner spray.

im wondering if the paints make much of a difference. i have ordered quite a few vallejo air colours for use specifically with the airbrush though for the time being im using normal GW paints. a lot of them have been around for years and are pretty... jelly-like (thats the best way of describing them). ive thinned them down with water to a milky consistency. i dont know if thats good or bad though ive read that thats the consistency to aim for. ill try again once the vallejo colours arrive and will post my results then.

in the meanwhile im thinking of buying another one - probably badger or iwata, though i am put off by the prices on most of them. i want a dual action which seem to be more expensive than others and considering that im never permanently in the hobby (i tend to model/paint for about a year then stop for a year and so on) i dont know if its 'worth it.' having said that ive already spent 150 euro on a compressor and the current airbrush set i have so its not like i havent spent a bit on it already.

ill see how i work with the vallejo paints and then see from there...

meanwhile the Howling Griffons are undercoated (they seem ok though one thing ive noticed is the paint (GW skull white) is very delicate - a slight rub removed the paint. not sure if thats always the case or a result of the way theyve been sprayed


  1. Hi Vorro

    The Airbrush and compressor is not too dissimilar to mine.

    Yes it's cheap, but it is a direct copy of the iwatas.

    First things first, that compressor will run the pressure down as it doesn't have a tank. Just back of the pressure and allow the compressor to build up again (you'll notice it go silent).

    The spatter is due to incorrect thinning. Try thinning even GW paints with screen wash (Same that you put into your cars washer jets).

    When it's too thin it will spray easily but apply to surfaces of models as if there is a surface of oil on it too thick and it will struggle to spray and clog the brush and look like spatter (As a result of the pin clogging).

    Persist and what you have will be perfect for what you want to achieve!

  2. ok cool, thanks. im still waiting for the Vallejo air colours to arrive (fingers crossed today), and will try those as a try get hold of some thinner/screen wash and then ill have a go with those.


  3. Try the model air without screen wash first. I've had great success with it... Model air is also great to paint with a brush as well