Apr 20, 2011

some new stuff

so, a slight update.

ordered an airbrush: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=370455752491

ive been meaning to order one for ages and, when i went to prime the 5 done Howling Griffons i had a problem with my primer so decided to order one. im pretty sure its nothing special though im only really interested in it for priming, basecoating and general simple highlighting (and, whe  the time comes for it, vehicle painting which alone makes it worth it!). unfortunately as the first marines ill be painting with it are quartered and im not going to be masking them up, i doubt ill get much use out of it on these - most likely priming and basecoating the yellow and maybe doing some subtle directio lighting etc.

anyway. the ebay store has a 100% feedback rating on 10,000+ sales so shouldnt be a problem receiving the item. ill update with my exploits once it arrives. so, pending my receiving the airbrush i doubt ill be doing any painting on these until the airbrush arrives so any updates will be modelling ones and random musings.

Angels of Censure
as i said above, the angels of censure are awaiting the airbrush, so no paint progres on the terminators as of yet. instead i finished off a 9-man unit of stern guard veterans with a weird assortment of weapons

models are mostly done, barring some GS work on the shins. ill be painting them the same as the other power armoured models ive posted so far.

Howling Griffons
the first 5 models are done, and are awaiting the airbrush to arrive before i start work on them.

In the meanwhile ive started work on another 5 models. pretty boring stuff for now - just GS work on the terminator legs to get them the right size/shape. so far ive decided on assembling a Howling Griffon librarian; a Mentor Legionnaire special ops guy (who will be in command of a 5-man IG veteran squad), and an ultramarine tyrannic war veteran. That leaves 2 models for which i have no idea what to do.  ideas welcome :)

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