Apr 5, 2011


well here's another marine almost done - just waiting for the brown stuff (stop it...) to dry on his left hand before adding the fingers; need to hollow out the barrel on the plasma gun, and am waiting for a pointy terminator hand to arrive to add to his left arm. im rather pleased with the way the squad is shaping up, though am thinking that the proportinately the torsos turned out slightly large for the legs; i think this might have somethin to do with the fact that ive not enlarged the legs as much as i used to on the world eaters (no spacer on the shin and no extra Gs added to bulk out the shin), though i do like the overall shape and bulkiness of the models.

ive tried to add a lot of equipment to the models - pouches, grenades, etc as ive always liked those extras on the sprues though found theyre too large for the normal models, especially if you want to add more than one to each model. i do intend to add more purity seals and possibly tabards to some of the models, though will wait until ive finished the 5-man squad to see what they look like together before doing that (also, ill be able to see the worse GS work and find a way to cover any glaringly bad bits with stuff :p)

im about halfway through the standard bearer, have started the legs on the 4th model and am waiting for parts to arrive to start the 5th.

also, heres a pic of the chest eagle before being applied to the model:

and a pic of the base chest (taken for the assault marine sprue) with the eagle attached, awaiting GS:

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