Apr 27, 2011

ok, im pretty much done on these guys now:

Epistolary Balaam

i'm really pleased with the way he turned out - the tabard, the details on the waist, the hood (which i was dubious about at first). just need to wait for the staff to dry so i an bend it back into the proper angle. 

Veteran Brother Venator, Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veteran, First Company

still missing some detail-work on the hammer and, of course, the storm shield, which is going to be based on a cast i made using an instant-mold of this:

ill be adding a chain and lots of parchment and purity seals to it, thoughthe whole head crest will be the shield, which i think is quite cool 9i know ultramarines arent much for keeping trophies but i figured it wasnt entirely out of character

Brother Vassago of the Howling Griffons, & Brother captain Nelchael of the Mentors

Vassago is still missing equipment, but is otherwise done and Nelchael is ready to be primed (really looking forward to painting the Mentor colours on this guy too. again, im pleased with the tabard on the first model - i think im finally getting the hand of cloth (to a certain extent... see below :p)

and finally...

Brother Captain Nathanael Garro; Captain of the 7th Great Company of the Death Guard

well, ive always been a fan of the Death Guard, and Garro in particulat (nothing to do with the fact that we share a name :p)

im still not too sure on the chest - apart from the fact that its description on the books is open to interpretation, i think it might have come a bit too big. though this was my third (and best) attempt at the chest i decided to keep it as is. im rather pleased with the model overall, particularly the shoulder pads and the cloak (which still requires some work on it), though ill post up pics as i mmake further progress. looking forward to painting the pre-heresy DG colours on this guy. 

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