Apr 25, 2011


so a small update on these; getting closer to completion. they just need some small GS details (piping on chest, filling in dents in the armour etc), and addition of equipment and pouches etc.

brother shooty (howling griffon)

quite pleased with the pose on this one. will probably add a tabard to him and the same sort of pouches that featured on the other griffons. unfortunately, though, like most of these new models, i dont think the poses are quite as good as the first batch, thats probably as i made these as more of an assembly-line rather than one-at-a-time liek the others. i tried the assembly line to save some time but think ill go back to individually making them in the future (the bodies at least - the arms and fiddly bits can always be done together)

Mentor Legionnaire

im gonna flat out say it - my fave of these guys so far, though unfortunately the pics are not coming out well - they all look somewhat squashed and the pose is not translating well to a flat image - looks a lot better when you can rotate the base in your hands. maybea vid? :p


the model with the most amount of work left to do - cloak, tabbard, lots of work on the staff, more GS detail on the torso and random gubbinz. those shoulder pads are just placeholders - ill be adding slightly more ornate ones with rims.

corvus tyranid veteran

still need to do the last of the piping detail on the torso and trophies and equipment as well as the tyranid details (head-crest shield, skull-thunder hammer and other details).

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