Apr 22, 2011

5 men and a barbarian and a giant

so first thing's first - these pictures are boring! but im just trying to show that im making progress on the next 5 models.

man 1: soon to be an ultramarine veteran tyrannic war veteran with tyranid skull thunder hammer and hive tyrant head-crest storm-shield and various out bits and baubles

man 2: will become the fifth Howling Griffon, so i can 'promote' the guy with the lion head/cloak to company captain.

man 3: what could this be? what could that chopped up shoulder pad be doing on his shoulders?

man 4: will become a mentor legion veteran leading a squad of carapace-armoured IG vets... when i get around to making them. he's equipped with a drum-mag bolter with silencer and scope and will have errant armour and lots of pouches and equipment. looking forward to painting this one.

man 5: no idea!

got my airbrush and been messing about with it on random models. been meaning to paint this up for ages and just undercoated him and tried out the airbrush on him. feel confident enough to undercoat the Howling Griffons and basecoat/highlight the yellow parts of the armour with it.

and finally... whats this? the first tentative steps on my road to sculpting a large (around 80 - 90mm tall) marine. enlarged a pic of one of the Griffons and printed it out to scale with the final product.

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