Apr 6, 2011


so, some more work on these guys.

first of all, i printed out a transfer sheet on an old sheet of transfer paper i had, which got ahem... slightly stained by my cat, though most of the paper is still in perfect condition (the top right part is worst affected, though i wont be using the large transfers anyway, so no big loss). ill be using the mid-sized ones on left shoulder pads as a base over which ill paint a more detailed chapter icon and individual heraldry.

an overlay i done in PS with the vitruvian man and one of my marines to try and justify to myself that theyre not to badly proportioned. im happy with them now. will possibly remove the arms from the first two models and sand down the torsos somewhat. the third model (pic below) has a much better-scaled torso. as always, its trial and error :)

third model; banner bearer. has a similar hand holding weapon-pose as the plasma gunner, though is on the other side :p. still need to add some detail to the stomach area and more pouches and details though he's largely done. still no idea what to paint on the banner; unsure whether or not to just make it a glorified chapter icon or a scene. ideas?

more details of the plasma-gunner - more detail on his right shoulder and the hand is done; though looks big due to the angle of the pic. i hope!

also, heres one of the angel of censure terminators as i realised i never took a rear shot of one before. this shows the cloak a bit better (its not glued on and just 'clipped' in place) as well as the servo-skulls. also, below ive added some pics of the veteran squad i've finished. please excuse the crappy pics though my lightbox isnt set up at the moment. ill take better pics once its set up:


  1. Apart from the awesome modeling.. That marbling effect is very cool indeed!!

  2. thanks :) i was sure i had posted these on M1M back when i finished them well over a year ago (probably closer to 2 now) though dont think i ever did. would like to start the terminators soon; probably once i finish converting the griffons